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Andre Chen ( )
Andre is a self-taught programmer who holds master degree in mathematics of Taiwan National Central University . He started his career as a game programmer at Gamania Inc. ( ) in 2002. After gained some basic 3D programming concepts, he quickly delved into shading language and he is now familiar with both OpenGL and Direct3D shader programming(He was also a proof reader of ShaderX2). He is currently a software engineer of Graphics Architecture team at VIA Technologies, Inc. ( ). A leading innovator and developer of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessors, communication and multimedia graphics chips.

Tom van Dijck
Tom has been programming for the last 16 years, and started in the games industry in 1998. Since 1995 he has been programming graphics applications and mainly concentrating on rendering 3D scenes using whatever hardware is available, including pixelshaders and vertexshaders. For the past two years he has specialized on Playstation2 and Xbox, and currently working for Playlogic Games Factory BV in The Netherlands.

Ralph Egas
Ralph started to program at the age of 9 on a C64 in assembly, mainly game related stuff. He is contracted by Playlogic Game Factory which is based in the Netherlands. He did all special effects' low level and most of the high level code for Xyanide for the Xbox, an old school shooter due at the end of March this year. This entailed writing shaders, a shader framework and rewriting chunks of the 3 rd party renderpipeline this company acquired as well as building particle systems and image space deformation effects.

Muhammad Haggag
Muhammad Haggag is a self-taught graphics and web programmer. He is currently studying Computer Engineering, and working for Optimize (, writing graphics and (occasionally) web applications.

Steve Hill
Stephen is a Brit with a long-standing interest in graphics, from real-time effects to global illumination solutions and everything in between. He has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Southampton and has previously worked within Criterion Software's Art Tools group and interned at STMicroelectronics (Graphics Products Division). He is currently looking to start a career in game development.

Eran Kampf
Eran is a self-taught game programmer. He is currently finishing his CS degree and working as a software engineer for a large government entity in Israel.

Jeroen Krebbers
Jeroen started programming in Basic at the age of 12 on a Commodore 64 from the manual. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and has been working in game development since 1996. After doing a fair amount of racing games, developing several game engines with all possible versions of DirectX, he is now employed as lead programmer by PlayLogic Games in the Netherlands doing a racing game for the PS2.

Juan Antonio Rufes
Juan is a programmer for 12 years now. He has an Electrical Engineering degree and is currently working for a security and antivirus software company in Spain as a software engineer and technology researcher, specialized in low level Win32 API and NT Kernel programming.

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Javier Izquierdo
Javier started in 1997 in a computer company in Spain to design advertising and publicity material for this company. In 1999 he created websites and logos to Hotelnet Internet Services and is actually working as the Director of the Design department of Future Works Studios, a Game Developer Company in the US. Additionally he is developing software and 3D animations for VMRM Systems.

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